Hospital Lane, Ravenstone
Leicestershire LE67 2AJ

Raising the profile of Ravenstone Court

20 December 2019

We have been working hard since December 2019 to raise the profile of ‘Ravenstone Court’ Almshouses and advertise empty flats. The charity has launched a new marketing and information leaflet, in postcard and electronic form and has also been busy on social media raising awareness about Ravenstone Court on local Facebook sites, such as ‘Spotted Ravenstone’ and Twitter.

The charity has employed support from the local paper and run an article to provide information about the accommodation to those living locally. The charity has also worked closely with NW Leicestershire Council housing team and the Almshouses Association to help maintain advertising for vacant flats.

Many thanks to all the organisations that have supported Ravenstone Court with this valuable work.

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