Hospital Lane, Ravenstone
Leicestershire LE67 2AJ

Ravenstone Court welcomes a heritage volunteer with carpentry skills

29 February 2020

Ravenstone Court continues with the aim of gaining some lottery heritage funding. The Heritage Lottery Fund advise that all heritage projects looking for funding should try to sustain the environment and protect nature. 

The gardeners came up with some simple ideas we could employ in the gardens, to help support nature by installing some insect and animal habitats. We asked our volunteer Gareth, with amazing carpentry skills, for his assistance and lo and behold the first insect habitats arrived – ladybird, solitary bee and insect houses! 

Hedgehog houses, Woodpecker House and Robin/ bird nesting boxes are also under construction! Watch this space. Gareth is also working on possible design ideas for screens to hide the electrical meters in the porches to the flats. Fabulous work. Many thanks Gareth!

Find out more on the Heritage Fund website.