Hospital Lane, Ravenstone
Leicestershire LE67 2AJ

Volunteer gardeners start work in the gardens at Ravenstone Court

28 February 2020

In snow and freezing conditions in February, the first monthly volunteer gardening session took place at Ravenstone Court, with 6 brave volunteers. They have been doing a fabulous job working on the gardens of some of the empty flats to keep them tidy, digging, cutting back foliage and clearing ivy from the walls of the garden. These amazing ladies were back in March for session 2, this time clearing up the car parking area and drive for the residents, this time in the pouring rain! Hoping the sun shines for future sessions!

They all enjoy a well earned cuppa, cake and company at the end of the gardening session. The gardens are looking lovely and spring is on its way. Our sincere thanks go out to our gardeners Stacey, Sam, Hannah, Andrea, Lynsey and Emma.